Anne Scott-Pendlebury

Anne Scott-Pendlebury

Opinionated, old fashioned and a bit of a tyrant – Hilary Robinson was one woman you did not want to cross.

Hilary first appeared at the wedding of Scott and Charlene in 1987. She returned to Erinsborough for several family events, eventually moving to Ramsay Street in 1988. Hilary was stunned when she found out that the child she gave up for adoption had discovered her identity. Her son Matt came to Erinsborough to make up for lost time and while secretly pleased with his decision, Hilary made Matt keep his true identity a secret and tell everyone that he was the son of a family friend.

Hilary became the school librarian and encouraged Matt to enrol. Matt continued to push Hilary to reveal to everyone she was his mother. Eventually, Matt delivered Hilary an ultimatum, either she would publicly recognise him as her son or he would leave (nice try Matt, but you can’t blackmail a Robinson). Prior to Matt’s departure, Hilary had a change of heart and revealed the truth to everyone.

Hilary fell in love with Erinsborough High's principal Kenneth Muir. Over the moon, Hilary and Kenneth got engaged, but their engagement ceased when when Kenneth discovered Hilary hadn’t paid her tax bills in many years. Beside herself with humiliation, Hilary made a rash decision to pack up and move back to Adelaide. Matt was against his mum's decision to leave, and struggled to convince her to stay. Upon departing, Hilary apologised to Matt for being a neglectful mother, and hoped he would come with her, but he declined, and she left Erinsborough behind for her fresh start in Adelaide.

Hilary was last seen as part of Annalise Hartman’s documentary in 2005. She makes it clear that she made the right decision about making her adoption public, and that Ramsay Street helped her reconnect with her son Matt.

Most memorable quote: “So to everybody there, greetings” – Neighbours 20th Anniversary Episode 4773.