Anne Haddy

Anne Haddy

The true matriarch of Ramsay Street, Helen was a remarkably resilient woman. Living with her family (the Robinsons), at No 26, Helen was always willing to help her fellow neighbours, and continued to until she passed away in 1997.

Living with her son in law and his family following the death of her daughter Anne, Helen maintained the household duties while also perfecting her art skills. When charming Douglas Blake took a fancy to Helen’s paintings at one of her art exhibitions, she couldn’t deny her feelings for him. Douglas and Helen continued to see one another, however it soon became apparent that Douglas was hiding something. Taking advantage of Helen’s good nature, Douglas robbed her of her money and skipped town. Heartbroken and betrayed Helen vowed for revenge, and with the help of Madge, the two got the justice that Helen deserved.

It took Helen some time to trust a man again, but when she planned a surprise trip to America to visit her adoptive daughter Rosemary, she was captivated by her daughters’ fiancé, Gerald. Caught up in the moment, Helen and Gerald began a secret affair and before long Rosemary discovered her mother's deception. With the engagement off, Rosemary cut ties with Helen, but the pair were able to mend things before Helen departed for Australia. Over the coming years, the Robinson household steadily became smaller as the children moved on, leaving Helen and Jim the only residents left in the household. The return of Julie Martin and her family provided Helen and Jim some much needed company, but the joyous reunion did not last long with the sudden death of son in law Jim.

Helen battled with depression after Jim’s passing, and soon had an addiction to alcohol. The following year brought Helen more heartache after Julie was found dead at the murder mystery party in 1994. Helen’s health continued to deteriorate over the coming years and she later passed away in 1997. Prior to her death, Phil Martin organised a special evening in honour of Helen. Here they watched a tape of Scott and Charlene’s wedding. Helen’s closest friends and family sat by her in her final moments, and she died in her sleep next to great granddaughter Hannah Martin.

Most memorable moments: Helen had many interactions with various characters over the years, but it was the heart to heart scenes that truly highlighted the essence of the character Helen Daniels.

But if we had to choose – Helen and Reuben’s wedding in 1995 was a beautiful moment, Helen gracefully married a dying man knowing the future was not a happy one.