Anne Charleston

Anne Charleston

Madge was a one of a kind - a generous, warm, loving figure who was an unintentional heartbreaker due to her infectious personality. Falling in and out of love, it was Harold who won her heart, and the pair married (twice) and settled down in Ramsay Street until her tragic passing.

Moving to Erinsborough when word got out that her brother’s marriage to Maria Ramsay had disintegrated, Madge took it upon herself to look after Max and his sons Shane and Danny. Upon her arrival, Madge came off a little rude and looked down upon the lesser folk of Ramsay Street. It was her budding friendship with neighbour Helen Daniels that brought Madge out of her shell and be more gracious and accepting of others faults. With Madge’s daughter Charlene arriving in 1986, things began to take a turn for the worse with Madge, as her relationship with her tomboy of a daughter was strained due to issues surrounding their past circumstances.

Madge’s eldest son Henry returned from jail the following year, and it was one secret that Madge was determined to keep quiet (what would the neighbours say!?). Her relationship with her children improved over the coming months, and in 1987 Madge found happiness again. Getting a second chance at love, Madge was ecstatic to discover true-love with her high-school sweetheart, Harold Bishop. Once Harold proposed to an ecstatic Madge (who said yes right away!) they never expected old friend Lou Carpenter to show up… therefore a new love triangle began!

On their wedding day, Lou raced to Madge’s side to try and win her over, but Madge, loyal as ever, only had eyes for Harold. The pair stuck by each other through thick and thin, growing stronger though hard-hitting events, such as Harold’s heart attack, Kerry’s tragic death and the departures of their children. While on holiday (a trip to help Harold cope with his recent losses), it was here that Madge was to loose the love of her life (or so we thought). Harold fell off some rocks, and was presumed swept out to sea. Devastated, Madge sought solace in Lou, who couldn’t believe his luck. So much, that he proposed. Twice! Although Madge accepted, Lou knew he was her second choice and that Madge did, and always will, love Harold.

A few years on, Madge was astounded to discover Harold alive, and together they faced a wealth of struggles to rekindle their love, as Harold had amnesia. As their hard work paid off and Harold’s memory returned, the pair declared their love for each other by renewing their wedding vows. From here, Harold and Madge began fostering children who were in need of guidance. Taking care of Tad Reeves and Paul McLain, Madge and Harold proved their love could be strong enough to guide their foster kids to a better and brighter future.

Their bliss was short-lived, however, as Madge was diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic Cancer. She soon passed away after developing septicaemia, leaving Harold devastated.

Most memorable moments: The world was sobbing and joined Harold in mourning for the loss of our beloved Madge, as the couple said a tear-inducing farewell on her deathbed.

On a happier note - Remember when Harold and Lou were fighting for Madge’s affections, and Madge (who was over the whole thing) threw a bucket of water over the pair of them?

Or the time Mrs Mangel and Madge had a fight in the driveway and ended up hitting one another with newspapers!

Most memorable quote: “HAAAAARRROOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD!” – when Harold disappeared on the rocks. Episode 1520 (1991).