Alan Dale

Alan Dale

Single father Jim Robinson appeared in the very first episode of Neighbours back in 1985. Jim lived with his mother in law Helen, and his family of four at no 26. Unfortunately, Jim never quite found the right lady to settle down with and help raise his children after the passing of his wife Anne.

Jim began dating Max Ramsay’s sister in law, Anna Rossi when she made a trip to Ramsay Street. Jim’s eldest daughter, Julie, disapproved of the relationship and sabotaged it at every chance she got. With Anna leaving for Queensland, Jim was once again single. He had a falling out with eldest son Paul over his new career path and sudden marriage to Terry Inglis. When loud and spontaneous Zoe Davis flew into town, she began dating the single father and the pair's relationship caused a few heads to turn due to their age gap. Youngest daughter Lucy made sure Zoe wasn't welcome in the family, and following a pregnancy, and a miscarriage; eventually Zoe ended things with Jim.

Jim dated a few more lucky ladies before being introduced by his cousin, Hilary Robinson, to Beverly Marshall, and the two hit it off. With the wedding of Scott and Charlene approaching, Jim struggled to give them his blessings, but with a little convincing from others, Jim came round in the end. Marrying Beverly in 1988, the pair settled down, however Beverly wants children, and with Jim’s children growing up and leaving home, he is reluctant to start a new family. They continue to struggle with conception and after several miscarriages, Jim and Beverly divorce, and she later leaves Ramsay Street. With his children living out of home, and Beverly’s departure, Jim was left to look after Katie and Todd Landers. At the end of 1991, Jim was shocked by the arrival of Glen, who claimed he was his son, a secret that rocked the Robinson family.

Jim was to face more heartache over the next few years. Todd was hit by a car and later died, but the return of his daughter Julie and her family, provided Jim with much needed happiness. Jim met Annalise Hartman’s mother, Fiona, in 1993, and in a relationship that was not supported by any of his friends or family, Jim was soon tricked into investing in Fiona’s hair salon. Due to a prior condition, Jim was under a lot of pressure from his family, and in one of Neighbours finest hours, Jim Robinson had a heart attack in the dining room of No 26 and died.

Jim’s legacy lives on in his children, but his good faith and compassion must have skipped over eldest son Paul….

Most memorable moments: Nothing can outshine the moment Jim Robinson clutches at his chest, withering in pain as he looks over at Fiona Hartman before falling over, knocking down the fruit bowl and chairs tumbling onto the ground.