Zoe Cramond joins Neighbours

We had a chat to Zoe about her new role and what's in store for Amy Williams.

You've joined the show as Amy Williams – what is it about the role that interested you?

Loads of stuff! Amy is very straightforward yet quite complex at the same time, the fact that she was a female tradie really interested me. It’s good to have those role models out there on Neighbours kids can watch growing up, it’s a role that I found unique in that sense.

Do you share any similarities with your character?

It’s so hard to define that stuff, but definitely in some aspects. Amy’s quite straightforward and opinionated and I think I am in that sense [laughs]. When I’m getting involved with a character I like to go straight to my qualities as a person and kind of work from there, it’s a nice way to discover a character.


Tell us how you started acting – what made you pursue it as a career?

There are so many things along the way! Both my parents are artists, so I was destined to be somewhere in the arts. My mum was in a production called “Alice in Wonderland” years ago and I remember seeing her on stage. It was by a New Zealand director who has now sadly passed away, his name was Warwick Broadhead. He used to put on these crazy avant-garde productions, for example, when he did Alice in Wonderland a different person played Alice in each scene.

That really changed me when I was growing up, seeing my mum perform on stage was a pivotal moment for me - “Wow I want to do that”. But there have been so many things along the way, like when I was 11 years old and travelled to the Edinburgh Arts Festival with my dad. We saw all the street performers and I thought, “Wow, if I can make a living out of what they do, that’ll be brilliant!” I also did dancing when I was little and I think being able to perform on stage was such a rush. I did a theatre show with Warwick Broadhead when I was young and I got a taste for it - I just wanted to share stories with the world.

How does working on a soap opera compare to working on other dramas?

The pace! We film so fast that you need to be thinking in a real practical sense on set to make things easier for you and the shot. You’re really thing outside the box a lot of the time. Of course scripts are different and storylines vary, but the main difference is the pace.

What’s it like working with your onscreen son Jimmy played by Darcy Tadich?

It’s awesome, he’s so wonderful and such a sweet boy! Really fun!

Can you give us any hints into some of Amy’s upcoming storylines?

Many challenges with my father (Paul), some heavy stuff with my son and tough decisions regarding Amy’s future…. stay tuned!


Amy’s working very closely with Kyle – who's now in a long distance relationship. Could there be future romance on the cards?

Who knows?  They clash at the beginning, but soon become good mates!

If you were in Amy’s shoes, would you be able to reconcile with a father that had been absent for 20 years?

It’s such a hard and challenging question to answer, it takes a lot to be able to confront that stuff. There’s a lot of pain for Amy to face up to when it comes to abandonment issues with her father.  But because of her son she wants them to have a relationship and through that, without her even realizing at first, she develops a connection with her dad again.

Do you have any desire to work in LA on feature films? Or are your feet firmly placed in TV?

Oh yeah! Feature films are the goal, so I’d love to! But I’ve always taken the attitude that being employed as an actor is the goal so whatever shape or form that turns up as, I’m grateful for it!

Would you like Amy to meet her brothers and sisters, Andrew and Elle Robinson? How do you think that family reunion would go?

I think Amy would really love that! However, she would have a front up at first because that’s what she’s like. Deep down she would love to have a relationship with them too, but one step at a time! It would be interesting to see how it would unfold!