Zoe Cramond on Amy's New Love Interest

Zoe Cramond spills the beans on Amy's new love interest and why her father won't approve...

Amy meets a handsome stranger next week! Who is he?

Amy meets a mysterious doctor called Nick Petrides. They meet at the church when he comes to Amy’s rescue.

Why is he so hated by Paul?

Basically Nick tried to kill Paul a couple of years ago, he was arrested and has been in prison since.

Do you think Amy goes for the wrong men or is she just extremely unlucky in love?

She is both! The timing is often very out with Amy and she is quite easily fooled. She loves to see the good in people which is a sweet trait but it leaves her quite gullible and can get her into trouble as it clouds her vision to choose the right men in her life.

Does Amy take Nick or Paul’s side?

In the beginning Amy is on her dad’s side but she eventually takes Nick’s the whole way through. It doesn’t sit well with Paul and she understands Paul’s perspective but she really does believe in giving people a second chance.


You filmed a small stunt with Damien that we get to see soon. Can you give us any hints on what we can expect?

A crash and a bang! It involves a secret file, a vase and a head…

What’s coming up for Amy this year?

There are lots of stunts coming which were really fun to work on!