Yashvi Rebecchi: Finn Detective

Yashvi can smell a fishy Finn from a mile away. The fact no one’s even seen a pic of Bea’s lover boy “Patrick” on the ‘gram, only feeds her suspicions further. Here’s how Yashvi is proving to be the Nancy Drew of Ramsey St.

yashvi, neighbours, 2018

“Wheelchair or not, he shouldn’t treat you like that”

Sisters before misters? Always. When your friend gets upset over a heated argument she had with her boyfie, you straighten her crown and show her what an absolute kween she is. Don’t let anyone treat her like a yellow Starburst, she is a goddamn pink Starburst!

yashvi, neighbours, 2018

“Your boyfriend shouldn’t be telling you what you can and can’t do, that isn’t cool”

You know there’s something sketchy about a dude when you have to call him out on his toxic masculinity because he doesn’t want his girl to cut her hair, or literally think for herself for that matter. Can anyone else hear those alarm bells going off?

yashvi, neighbours, 2018

“How long can you last with this guy if you have to hide stuff about him all the time?”

In other words, run. Run as far as the wind will carry you, girl!

But in all seriousness, if a guy claims to love you, why can’t you scream his name from the rooftops? Seems a little shady, dunnit?

yashvi, neighbours, 2018

“Whoa. That’s a lot. What did you say?”

Trying to be supportive when your gal pal eagerly announces her engagement to her mystery boyfriend of a few months (who nobody else has even heard about), but all you can think about is how totally whack the situation is. Go on, find us a more unconvinced facial expression. We’ll wait.

yashvi, neighbours, 2018

“Not to sound rude, but doesn’t that sound really weird?”

Helping your friend pick a wedding dress… because she can’t bring her sister… because her sister doesn’t know she’s engaged… because her fiance doesn’t want anyone in her family to know. Yeap, sounds pretty damn weird to us, too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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