Why We’re Rooting For Neighbours Hotties Bea And Levi To Get Together

And it’s not only because they’re both gorgeous creatures.

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster for Erinsborough’s Bea Nilsson. Back at the beginning of the year, she was dating and living with her then-boyfriend, Finn Kelly. All was well in the land of love, and it looked like Finn had truly gotten over his evil ways and was trying to give back to the community he almost ruined.

Except… he started to regain his memory and plotted to kill a bunch of people, Bea included. While celebrating Elly’s birthday on Pierce Greyson’s island, Finn broke up with Bea by confessing his love for Elly and pushed her down a mine shaft. She almost died, but thankfully didn’t. But then Finn died, ‘cause that’s how karma works, right?

Not only did Bea lose the love of her life, but her big sister Elly moved halfway across the world to be with her baby daddy. She was pretty devo, to say the least.

Enter, Constable Levi Canning.

Sheila’s GORGEOUS grandson and cousin to Kyle, Levi moved to Erinsborough after transferring from the Frankston Police Department. He and Bea bonded instantly and the two soon became friends; Levi offered to help Bea clean up the aftermath on the island, and Bea supported Levi when he had a seizure due to his epilepsy.

After months spent healing her heart and dealing with anger issues, Bea fell for Levi, but he friend-zoned her. Then as soon as she moved on, Levi fell for her! And now, Bea’s gone on a date with Nathan who, unbeknownst to her, is “Packo”, the guy who bashed Levi as a kid. WHAT. A. MESS.

But like Kyle and Roxy, we don't want Bea and Nathan to be together, and we're really hoping that Levi builds enough courage to tell Bea how he really feels about her.

Bea is a strong independent woman, who’s incredibly creative and hard-working. She's the type of friend you always want on your side, and she'll do anything to protect the ones she loves. After enduring such a tumultuous relationship with Finn, she deserves to be in a partnership with someone who will always look out for her and keep her safe. Who better to provide a safe environment for her and her family than Levi, a cop who takes his job – and morals – very seriously? He sticks to the rules and doesn’t step a foot out of line, but not in a boring way. He's still up for a challenge and having a good time, so long as it's on the right side of the law.

Plus, Levi has a gentle and calming energy that will encourage Bea to really let down her walls and thrive, as she suffers from post-traumatic stress from her past relationship and days spent living on the streets.

Levi is also smart and kind-hearted. He's a sympathetic person who, like Bea, knows what it's like to go through a life-threatening ordeal. Plus, he’s not one to hold a grudge for too long. He forgave Sheila for what happened when he was a kid and really encouraged her to be kind to herself. He’s definitely one who is happy to put the past behind him – the same couldn’t be said for Finn!

But with Nathan in the picture, will Levi and Bea ever get to explore what could be an awesome, loving relationship? Or has the ship sailed for the both of them?

Tell us your thoughts by choosing a side below!

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