Why We’d Swipe Right On Toadie - Erinsborough’s Most Eligible Bachelor

He’s been married three times and dubbed ‘unlucky in love’, but we’d still go ‘round with the most lovable character on Neighbours.

He’s Smart, With A Great Job

Toadie Neighbours

Toadie (or Jarred) was a bit of a troublemaker/ larrikin growing up, but he’s since earnt his stripes as one of THE most valuable citizens of Erinsborough. His IQ is well above average and he’s by far the best lawyer the town has ever seenWhile money certainly isn’t the most important part of any relationship, he’s definitely in a position to splurge on you occasionally. 

He’ll Always Get You Out Of A Jam

If you’ve been accused of killing the town psychopath, or been chased by a bunny boiler holding a knife in a bridal gown, who ya gonna call? GHOST- no wait, wrong show.

Toadie Neighbours

For real though, Toadie is the first person anyone calls when they’re stuck in a sticky situation. He’ll help just about anybody and won’t rest until justice is served. He’s exactly the kind of person you’d would want to be with long-term.

He’s Great With Kids

Given how much of a big kid Toadie is, it’s no surprise that he knows how to deal with them. Back in 2008, he got his first taste of fatherhood when he met and later adopted a kid named Callum. Although they endured a rough start, the two eventually bonded and Callum became Toadie’s ‘mini me’.  

Toadie Neighbours 2020

And, even with baby Hugo being a constant reminder of his one-night stand with Fake Dee aka Andrea, he’s had Toadie wrapped around his little finger from the very first moment they met. The same goes for Andrea’s daughter Willow – although she’s not Toadie’s biological child, he’s always the first to offer her unwavering support. 

He’s also the best dad to Nellyfish, and despite juggling fatherhood and a heavy workload, he still finds the time to mentor some of the other neighbourhood kids, including Yashvi and MacKenzie. It just goes to show that blood relation or not, he’ll treat all kids like his very own.  

He’ll Support You Through Sickness and Health

One of the greatest relationships Toadie ever experienced was with his late wife, Sonya. Sure, it wasn’t without its challenges, but one thing he excelled at was being a strong support system during her relapses with addictions, fertility struggles and ovarian cancer. He also helped celebrate her wins, which included her becoming the town Mayor and opening a beautiful nursery.

Toadie Neighbours 2020

Even after her heartbreaking death, Toadie has worked tirelessly to keep Sonya’s legacy alive, and it goes to show what a kind-hearted, loving man he is. Why wouldn’t you want to date him?!

He’s Playful And Doesn’t Take Himself Seriously

If you’re looking for a guy who’s fun to be around and who’ll leave you in stitches, then Toadie’s your man. He’s an original prankster (beware of the whoopy cushions), he’ll go the full Monty for charity (if you know, YOU KNOW) and his alter-ego is a wrestler named ‘The Lawman’.  

Oh, and he once hosted a naked lunch meeting with his nudist clients because tax and law advice are easier to digest in the nude.


He Can Rock Any Hairstyle

Toadie Neighbours 2020

These looks are getting us hot under the collar, tbh.

He'll Put Your Exes To Shame By Rocking A Lycra Suit

Toadie Neighbours

Get you a man who isn’t afraid to ride a bike wearing this bad boy.

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