Who's Driving The Erinsborough Backpacker Disaster?

We didn’t see who was behind the wheel when Amy’s ute reversed into Leo’s hostel, bringing heavy shelves down on Piper and David, but we did see enough suspicious activity to draw up a suspect list.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


Amy and Leo, star-crossed almost-lovers, half-brother and sister, spawns of Paul Robinson who were just about to consummate their love when their blood tie was revealed, have been trying to give each other space while they deal with their forbidden feelings.

This has really sucked, especially for Amy, who’s had terrible luck in love for some time now. She’s one of Erinsborough’s nicest people, that’s probably why she always finishes up last.

Amy was last seen standing beside her ute, outside of the backpackers, having an almighty row with Leo who she knows has been trying to move on by hooking up with new-girl Mishti.

Given love makes crazy people of us all, could the circumstances of her life driven her over the edge? Has the good girl gone bad?

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


The new Rebecchi kid has a fish nickname we’re told suits her personality – clownfish.

This teen has a touch of the troublemaker about her; jumping into a pool fully clothed, new iPhone in pocket; eating all the Anzac biscuits and lying to her mum about it.

That’s just kid stuff, right? As is bragging, which she was doing a lot of to Amy’s son Jimmy while sitting in the driver’s seat in Amy’s ute, with her hands on the wheel and a devilish look in her eye.

What was she bragging about? Her driving skills.

Has the country kid upgraded from paddock bashing to joyriding? Has a little clowning-around gone awry? Or do we have bigger fish to fry?

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


A Canadian backpacker with terrible taste in music, all the tickets in the world on himself, so blinded by his own ego he was unable to recognise Tyler as an infinitesimally better man than he will ever be. (Typer 4 eva <3)

After making one too many moves on Pipes, and one too many shirt-fronts at Tyler, the latter kicked him out of the backpackers.

T-bone was last seen threatening Piper with a “you’ll regret this”. The next thing you know she’s running away from a small truck.

People have been put away with evidence less circumstantial than this.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


She’s a former alcoholic who’s been sober for some years, but losing a baby, witnessing her husband’s infidelity, being fleeced by a fake, filing for divorce, all these traumatic events have resulted in one major thing for Sonya and that’s falling off the wagon.

It ‘aint pretty. She holds it together to some degree in front her daughter and a few of her friends, but as soon as she’s alone, she drinks. And when she drinks, she does it to the point of oblivion, finally collapsing flat on her face.

Which is how Steph found her in the crash’s aftermath, and with a fresh graze on her chin. Did she fall in the bathroom? Or did she bash it against a steering wheel. Watching Sonya is like watching a car crash in slow motion, has she spiralled enough to make metaphor literal?

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