Whos behind the letters

We know you’ve all been wondering, and so have we. Who’s this mystery poet behind those Sonya letters? And what on earth is their beef with Sonya?

Naomi Canning:

Naomi is probably the most obvious suspect in this letter mystery. Sonya is not only married to the very man Naomi is/was infatuated with, but there’s hard evidence to suggest her wrongdoing. Yep, before she left to sunny Hawaii she did indeed find documents revealing Sonya’s past, and suspiciously kept them. We all know Naomi can be calculated and mischievous, but would she go this far?


Josh Willis:

You might think Josh Willis is a bit of a stretch when it comes to the true identity of the letter writer, but stranger things have happened on Ramsay Street, as we all know. Perhaps Josh has decided he needs a little help when it comes to re-inventing his tainted reputation, so why not re-direct the community hate to another resident? Sonya’s history would completely override that one mistake Josh made.


Mark Brennan:

Handsome and righteous Mark Brennan capable of this? Well, perhaps he’s the most likely of all. Sometimes it’s those closest in your circle you should suspect, especially someone who’s got that whole ‘perfect’ thing happening. Perhaps we’re finally about to see the dark side of this loveable ex-cop…


Who else do think could be behind the letters? Post your theories below!