What's Next for Aaron Brennan?

Middle Brennan brother Aaron has spiced up Erinsborough since his arrival six months ago. But what’s next for this bodyguard bravo? The Insider sat down with actor Matt Wilson to talk Aaron and acting.

From a mechanic to an exotic dancer to a bodyguard, Aaron’s career has been as varied as the actor’s portraying him.

“I originally wanted to be a paramedic!” Matt Wilson says. “Then I became a carpenter. In 2010 I won a Tradie competition, had to do some public speaking and enrolled in a presenting course at NIDA.”

A teacher at NIDA saw his talent and encouraged Matt to join some acting courses and workshops. From there it was a skip and a jump to Ramsay Street.

“I did a few small gigs, lots of auditions but nothing big. Then I did the Neighbours audition and I got it!” he says.

Matt says he fits Aaron like a glove.

“Matt and Aaron are both fit, very optimistic and very selfless,” he says. “We’d rather take a fall to keep everyone happy than to be the one with the last chip.”

But they differ in other ways.

“I think Aaron’s quite naïve, it’s almost like he can’t see the bigger picture,” he says. “He tries to present himself a certain way – as this successful entrepreneur, as an alpha male – but he’s actually a very vulnerable, nice little kid.”

Since joining the cast of characters, Aaron Brennan has been busy. He currently works for resident baddie Paul Robinson as his bodyguard, but often can’t keep up with his schemes. Matt says Aaron has some growing up to do if he’s to survive next year on Neighbours.

“He’s opened up now and a lot more vulnerable than when he first came. Next year Aaron’s responsibilities get bigger and bigger – we’re going to see him take on a role which requires a lot of responsibility and he can’t stuff it up.”

With an explosive season finale just round the corner, there’s sure to be plenty of unanswered questions. But Matt is keeping mum about most of them.

“It’s a secret even from us!” he says. “But there’s a bunch of new characters coming in, we’ll be exploring families on a street a bit closer, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

And what’s going to happen to Aaron?

“There’s some good stuff coming up…. But I can’t talk about it.”

Catch the 2015 finale of Neighbours at 6.30 Friday on ELEVEN and tune in next year in January