Vivean Gray

Vivean Gray

Vivean Gray who played the stickybeak Mrs Mangel has died at age 92. The British actress played an iconic role in the show's beginnings and her contribution to the Australian industry will be remembered.

Jason Herbison, Neighbours' Executive Producer

"It’s with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Vivean Gray. Mrs Mangel was the ultimate busy body, remembered for her conservatism and her caustic wit. She was a true soap legend and we thank her for all the wonderful memories."

Stefan Dennis, Paul Robinson

"Very sad to hear about dear Vivean Gray, and her passing last week. I remember Vivean very fondly from those early years in the 1980’s, playing the hated but well loved character of Mrs Mangel. You would never forget a scene between Mrs Mangel and Jo Mangel, they were just brilliant. She will be sadly missed. Good on you Viv”