Tyler vs T-Bone

We spoke with Travis Burns following Tyler's outburst with T-bone in last night's episode

Do you think Tyler regrets going after T-Bone?

He doesn’t until he gets a spray from Piper. At the time, Tyler’s only focus was going after T-Bone for revenge and protecting Piper. When he realises that it was against what Piper wanted, he starts to rethink his actions.

This isn’t the first time Tyler has lashed out… is he becoming his father?

The realisation that he might be turning into his father really sinks in after talking to Piper, so it is definitely something that Tyler is beginning to worry about. I personally don’t think Tyler is heading down that path, I think he is just making poor decisions and not thinking clearly.

Piper is now completely dependent on you to help her move around. What does this mean for your relationship?

Their relationship is definitely maturing. They are developing beyond just a teenage fling and proving to everyone around them how much Tyler truly cares for Piper.

What’s the biggest stunt you’ve been involved in on Neighbours?

The Dimato arrest scene was the biggest stunt. It involved me getting thrown up against a wall and into a van.

What’s coming up for Tyler?

Tyler’s mum arrives in Erinsborough with a secret. Her arrival digs up a lot from Tyler’s past and there will be a big confrontation scene.