Travis Burns on TYPER

Travis Burns discusses Tyler and Piper's relationship and their future together

What’s it been like living with Piper in the Backpackers?

It’s been super awesome living with my girlfriend for a change rather than always being apart. The best thing is privacy. We get enough of it in the Backpackers but it gets a little crowded considering we are in a mezzanine.

Does Tyler have that feeling of pressure to provide?

He does because he is much older than Piper so he feels that he is responsible to look after her. He feels the pressure to put the lentils on the table.

Why do you think Tyler hasn’t been able to keep a job? Is he immature or plagued with bad luck?

Bad luck. He always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in every situation. He can be immature sometimes, however everyone makes mistakes. It’s a part of growing up.

Is Tyler upset his brothers haven’t given him more support?

Yes, he has always turned to them for help and support. From their perspective it’s a difficult situation, they want him to learn from it and become more mature. Mark has always been a father figure to Tyler, ensuring he does the right thing whereas Aaron and Tyler have had a more playful relationship that is more brotherly.

Could Tyler and Piper have the next Neighbours wedding?

That would be good! It could almost be like a Scott and Charlene wedding. Would it be bigger? Who knows? I’m not sure about having the next wedding in Erinsborough, but we may have one eventually.

Have you and your real life fiancée Emma locked down a date for the wedding?

We have organised a lot so far but haven’t locked down a definite date. We know we want an outdoor wedding though with a small group of family and friends and of course beautiful scenery.