Travis Burns on the Brennan Family Secret

Tyler isn’t a Brennan! Travis Burns discusses how this will change the brothers forever and spills the beans on his biological father…

So Tyler isn’t actually a Brennan! What went through your head when you first found this out?

My first thought was who my real father is and who would be playing him as I knew it meant a lot of deep and emotional scenes with someone new. I also thought it explained a lot of Tyler’s backstory that I had always wondered about.

How will this news change the relationship between the Brennan brothers?

For the brothers, and Tyler especially, they feel as if a lot of their lives have been a lie. Initially it causes tension between the brothers as they deal with the news in their own unique ways and the next couple of weeks we will see them work through the issues together. Their relationship becomes more rattled in a few weeks when Tyler’s real dad shows up…

What was it like working with Zoe Bertram?

Zoe is such a beautiful woman and so lovely to work with, it was easy to form an on-screen mother and son bond with her. It was great to work with someone who has been in the industry for so long and had even appeared on Neighbours years ago.


Tyler meets his biological father soon! What can we expect from that storyline?

Yes! Tyler’s father Hamish Roche arrives in Erinsborough and wants to truly get to know Tyler after all the years he has missed out on. Without saying too much, his arrival will affect everyone on Ramsay Street. This is one of the biggest storylines I’ve done.

What have been the challenges of this storyline so far?

There are a lot of emotional scenes coming up, Tyler has a lot of arguments and breaks down to tears at one point. It was challenging to get in that mind frame and portray all the emotions that someone would be feeling at a time like this. Another challenge was the workload as I was filming thirty scenes as week.