Toadie In London

Ryan Moloney spills the beans on Toadie's adventures in London

Why is Toadie in London?

He believes his daughter and ‘Dee’ (Andrea) have disappeared off to London so he has gone to find them. There were some phone calls from a travel agent and he discovered some info about a hotel in London. So he jets off to find out what’s happened with his new family and the money he just handed over.

If Sonya and Dee were fighting on a cliff, and they slipped and you could only catch one, who would you choose?

It would have to be Sonya – Dee has already proved that a cliff won’t kill her.

So Dee isn’t who you thought she was… what the?

Yeah that’s right! Toadie has just lost Dee all over again. So it turns out that Toadie did kill her.

Do Toadie and Andrea spend a night together?

I can’t say too much, however old feelings are reignited.

Is Toadie jealous of Mark?

Absolutely. Mark is a lovely guy and good-looking and on top of all that he is having a baby with Toadie’s wife, so of course he is jealous. Obviously Sonya and Mark have a close relationship and don’t respect Toadie’s wishes so he definitely feels threatened.

Will Toadie come back from London alive?

When in London Toadie is on a mission to get back home to Erinsborough as fast as he can but it doesn’t all go to plan. He ends up in hospital and misses a really big moment for Sonya…