Three Wild Theories About Nicolette’s Shocking Baby Swap On Neighbours

Who is this baby and where did it come from?

After weeks on the run, Nicolette was tracked down in Canberra by Paul, with the help of his trusty private investigator. Knowing he had to play the trump card, Paul offered up a life-changing one-million-dollar cheque to Nicolette, under two conditions – she had to give up baby Isla Faye, and never step foot in Erinsborough again.

The usually tenacious Nicolette agreed to Paul’s terms and handed the baby over.

Except, in a shocking twist, Paul was given an imposter child to return to Aaron and David, and Nicolette had the baby she gave birth to (left alone) in a hotel room. 

So, what happened here? Let’s speculate.  

Nicolette Had Twins

Was Nicolette unknowingly pregnant with twins all along? This stuff happens all the time. Well, on TV all the time. Like in the series finale of Friends, when Monica and Chandler thought they were adopting one baby, but the birth mother ended up having twins.  

Perhaps the ultrasounds didn’t pick up on the second baby, because the baby was hiding behind the first baby. Or maybe Nicolette DID know she was going to have two babies all along and was just waiting to surprise the boys.

Let’s not forget the tarot card reading Dipi did for Aaron and Chloe’s mum Faye (the baby’s grandmother) just before she passed away, in which Dipi saw twins in the family. 

Nicolette Bought Another Baby For Paul

When Paul offered the $1 million cheque to Nicolette, she went away to think about her decision. During that time, could she have purchased someone else’s baby for a hefty sum and given that baby to Paul instead? Perhaps she found a couple willing to adopt their child out to someone else for the right price?

Think about it – she gives half the money to another mother but remains super rich herself AND gets to keep her newborn.

Stranger things have happened.

Nicolette Stole A Baby

She just straight out stole a baby from the same hospital she had Isla, hid it under her giant red coathauled ass back to her hotel room and swapped the babies over.  

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Let us know your thoughts below. What do you think really happened?