Things you might not know about Morgan Baker and Calen Mackenzie

You might know them as Ramsay Street’s lovable rug rats, unlucky in love and somewhat overly invested in their Neighbours’ relationships… But there’s a lot more to Calen Mackenzie and Morgan Baker than meets the eye.

Fun Facts About Morgan Baker:

1. Callum might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but Morgan Baker on the other hand excels in his academic studies. In Year 8 he received an award for Science for being in the top one per cent of students in Victoria. Toadie and Sonya are probably wondering where they went wrong with Callum… Sorry guys, that’s just how it was scripted.

2. Unlike Callum, Morgan admits he’s a keen follower of the Zodiac. It turns out he is a Taurus, more popularly known as the Bull. Morgan proudly reveals he’s born in the year of the Ox, and when the two are combined, it creates the term Bullox. Or Box for short. In Native American astrology he is a Beaver, and when all three are combined, Morgan thinks it’s logical to refer to himself as a Beaver Box.

3. It’s fair to say Callum would never be elected as class captain. Not only his popularity is questionable but also he doesn’t exactly set the best example for the student body. This couldn’t be further from the truth for Morgan, who was elected class captain two years in a row.

4. Interestingly, Morgan recalls the time he won the Class Captaincy for the third time, he chose to give up the honour to “somebody who hadn’t had the chance to win it yet.” What a good man! Can you imagine Callum doing such a thing?! We can’t. (No offence Callum.)

5. When quizzed about some things people might not know him, Morgan’s first response was “I can move my ears…very well.” And it’s true he can…weirdly well.

6. Although Callum Rebecchi doesn’t exactly seem like the seasoned traveller type, Morgan Baker on the other hand is. So much so that to this day, he still considers going to Bali and managing to avoid Bali belly as one of his biggest achievements yet. We reminded him of the fact he’s been in over 1000 episodes of Australia’s longest running soap…but no…he was adamant his impressive immune system was what he wants to be remembered for.

Fun facts about Calen Mackenzie:

They say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and while we’re not saying Calen’s a tree, or an Apple, there are certainly some note worthy similarities between him and his character, Bailey. (And we’re not just talking about the fact they have the same face.)

1. It’s no secret Bailey is a hard-core gamer and it would appear Calen is no different. Calen admits that as completely and horrifyingly nerdy as it is, he regularly attends tournaments for ‘SSBM’ with his friends. (For those who are way too cool for nerdy acronyms, that stands for Super Smash Bros Melee.)

2. Calen’s known for his gangling long arms, earning him the nickname “The Gorf King “ amongst his peers… Once again, for those not down with the lingo, it’s frog spelt backwards – sah hip!

3. In continuing with the video game themed facts, Calen proudly reveals he owns at least two copies of every 'The Legend of Zelda' ever released for home consoles. We think that might even rival Bailey’s collection.

4. Despite popular belief, Calen Mackenzie has never actually played Dragon Prophesies… Can you believe it?!

5. Calen has never left Victoria, which we find completely mind-boggling considering the Turners are from Mount Isa. Ah. The magic of Television…

6. This long limb young man has never broken a single bone in his limber body, which in itself is quite a feat considering the amount of times we’ve seen Morgan Baker body slamming him in the greenroom…