Things you might not know about Ariel Kaplan and Jenna Rosenow

You probably know them best as Ramsay Street’s resident BFF’s and sometime frenemies, Imogen and Amber, but there’s a few things you might not know about the actresses that play these lovable schoolgirls.

Ariel Jenna

Ariel Kaplan

1. Ariel was home schooled but not only that, she received an award for top marks in distance education…we think Imogen would be proud. 2. Before she left the mainstream education system she was House Captain. Yet again something that would make Imogen proud. 3. Her first acting role was at the tender age of six. Ari looking back, Ari doesn’t recall actually being that young. This doesn’t surprise us because she has always acted a lot older for her age. 4. Ariel isn’t a Justin Bieber fan, although she has been known to use the word “swag”, made famous by the Beiber himself, so how exactly she knows this if she’s not a Bieliber is beyond us… 5. She enthusiastically admits she is unable to ride a bike, but suggests a Segway to ride around the set of Neighbours is high on her list of things to purchase. Instagram videos to follow. Stay tuned. 6. She comes from a family of performers, with both of her older sisters actresses. 7. She was named after the fairy “Ariel” in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”

Ariel Jenna

Jenna Rosenow

1. Jamber fans might be disappointed to know Jenna Rosenow is happily loved up with Chris Milligan who plays Kyle Canning. The two share a gorgeous Husky named Tiny. 2. Jenna is absolutely in love with the Harry Potter series and her dream is to visit the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios in Florida. 3. For her birthday one year, Chris Milligan bought her a Sky Diving session. An experience which she says was absolutely incredible. 4. Her passion for performing was first ignited when she played Talulah in Bugsy Malone. 5. She has never seen The Notebook (a fact which Ariel Kaplan finds disgraceful!) Instead she prefers to spend her time watching action and thrillers. 6. She is equal amounts sweet and savoury raising the valid question - “why else would they have salted caramel?!” She also likes to mix it up, admitting she’s been known to eat dessert for dinner. Now that’s something we could get into! 7. Growing up she played a lot of soccer and is keen to learn how to surf.