The Erinsborough Heatwave Survival Guide

It’s a record-breaking heatwave and it’s Erinsborough-wide, causing passions, tempers and heart palpitations to soar in tandem with the mercury level.

Don’t: Make a Deal with the Devil

It’s hotter than hell out there so it’s safe to assume there’s only one person capable of maintaining their usual levels of wit and cunning. 

Neighbours Heatwave Channel ELEVEN

Do: Go With the (Ice) Flow

If your body heat needs droppin’, let Paul come a knockin’. What the ‘Erinsbrough Ice Man’ can do with H20 would make a snowman blush. Combined with the temperature of his soul, you’ll be Slurpee in his hands.

Neighbours Heatwave Channel ELEVEN

Do: Avoid Manual Labour

School suspension is not a holiday; some form of punishment should be involved. But digging gran’s garden in this heat? What is this – gran’s gulag?!

Do: Ditch the Robes

Surely the Mayor of Erinsborough can be excused from wearing reams of heavy fabric in high heat. It will only lead to a major MAYOR MELTDOWN. Tears are not a type of face mist – you don’t want to cool down this way.

Neighbours Heatwave Channel ELEVEN

Don’t: Lose Your Emotional Cool

Worse than tears, heightened emotional responses can lead to heart problems. Take deep breaths, send the wanton grandchild out to the gulag garden, and revisit the issue at a cooler time.

Do: Stand Half-Naked in Front of a Fan While Spraying Yourself with Water

'Nuff said.

Don’t: Parade Around in a Bikini

Well you can, but you might make some girls jealous. 

Neighbours Heatwave Channel ELEVEN

Do: Sabotage the Air Conditioning of Your Competition

It’s a foolproof way to steer customers through the doors of your new business.

Neighbours Heatwave Channel ELEVEN

Don’t: Give Up Sport

Just play it in the pool, standing a very short distance from the other player. 

Don’t: Exert Yourself

If you find yourself in a hot mess, stay calm and preferably very still. Under the shade of a tree if possible. Wait for help, or a soothing southerly. Whichever comes first. 

Neighbours Heatwave Channel ELEVEN

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