The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets has gotten the people of Erinsborough hot under the collar and it would appear the mystery author might be a local. We take a look at some of the possibilities…who do you think it could be?

Mark Brennan

Smouldering, smooth and unemployed, there’s no doubt Mark Brennan would certainly have the time and the experience to pen an erotic novel…but would he have the desire? We can only dream…

Book of Secrets

Mal Kennedy

Never one to shy away from a bit of flirtation, Mal’s had his fair share of steamy romances. Who can forget the time he got all hot and heavy with Jade? Not to mention the extensive amount of dalliances with the various women of Erinsborough… Is it too far fetched to think Mal might like to pay homage to the steamy jaunts of his youth by writing an erotic novel? Perhaps that’s why he’s returning to Erinsborough

Book of Secrets

Susan Kennedy

We all know about Susan and Karl’s blue box…perhaps Susan decided to finally share its secret contents under a pseudonym, and then play along with the mystery for her own enjoyment? It’s a long shot, but it is Erinsborough so anything is possible.

Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy would like to consider himself one of Erinsborough’s most versatile all-rounders. From medicine to music, to bargain hunting and farming, there’s very few things Karl wouldn’t turn his hand at… But would he be so bold as to pen a romantic novel? We actually kind of hope not…

Book of Secrets

Paul Robinson

With the countless number of women Paul’s successfully seduced in his time, it’s fair to say there’s probably a high chance he’d have more than enough experience to fill an erotic novel…and then some. Ever the shrewd businessman, could this secret penmanship be his latest business venture?

Book of Secrets

Phil Martin

Although some may be too young to recall, this isn’t the first time there’s been a secret novelist amongst the residents of Ramsay Street. Back in the mid-90’s, middled aged father Phil Martin penned a series of romantic novels under the female alias "Phillipa Martinez". Could Phil be back to his old tricks again?

Book of Secrets

Lou Carpenter

It’s no secret Lou Carpenter fancies himself as a bit of a razzle and dazzler, but do you think the old charmer still has it in him? We wonder how Sheila would feel about that…