Team #Bevi Are No More, As Bea Nilsson Bids Farewell To Erinsborough Tonight

It's official. Bea is saying “au revoir” to her life in Erinsborough, while ex-boyfriend Levi is left struggling to mend his broken heart.

It seems like only yesterday we were rooting for these two hotties to get their acts together and start dating, after what was a tumultuous year for Bea. In case you forgot, Bea was dating that psycho Finn Kelly, who killed a bunch of people before the universe gave him a taste of his own medicine and he slipped to his own death.

While going through a deep healing process, Bea found herself spending time with Ramsay St’s newest resident, Levi. She developed the feels, but Levi placed her straight in the friend zone. And, like most complicated love stories, Bea moved on just as Levi realised he actually did like-like her.

Eventually, they stopped tiptoeing around each other and finally got together with a kiss under the mistletoe to seal the deal.

A lot happened in their short romance together. Levi tried to be cute and started making Bea an epic billycart, but she completed the build before he had a chance, which frustrated him. Then, he found her unconscious on the floor after she was (unintentionally) poisoned by some deathcap mushrooms from Kyle’s ‘roo pie.

More cracks appeared in their relationship when, against her wishes, Levi dobbed Kyle into the Erinsborough Council for almost killing Bea with the funky ‘roo pie. But this wasn’t the only time Levi threw his girlfriend under the bus. When Bea received a negative review from the garage for getting caught snooping through the new Sheila Canning’s car, Levi told her boss Lucas Fitzgerald all about it. This led to her being fired from the garage, a job she had for over two years. Surprisingly, their relationship remained intact, however it was at this point that Bea wondered whether the two were really right for each other.

Cue the ‘T’ word. That small yet powerful five-letter word that can destroy just about anything. Yeap, we’re talking about trust. Bea wanted to trust Levi so bad, but she just couldn’t see it happening with him. Or any other man for that matter. But do you blame the girl?! She was gaslit, manipulated and almost killed by her former partner, and her walls were up so high, and she convinced herself that no man would ever make her feel safe again. This devastated Levi, who only wanted to show her that he wasn’t ever going to put her through the trauma that Finn did.

Their relationship was becoming sour, so Levi did what any loving boyfriend would do in a crisis.

He bought her a car.

A beat up ol’ car.

When Bea expressed her desire to travel to WA to visit her estranged father, Levi came up with a plan. Bea would fix up the car, and they would road trip from Erinsborough to the West Coast, stopping along the way to camp and explore. It would be just the two of them, getting closer while making lifelong memories. It was a foolproof way to make Bea trust him!

Except… it wasn’t.

Overwhelmed by it all, Bea dumped Levi the night before their adventure was to begin. Ramsay St’s hottest couple were no more.

Tonight, Bea’s going to drive out of Erinsborough all the way to WA, in the same car Levi gave her, with Sheila, the new one, not Levi’s grandma, and not Levi.

Be prepared for tears!

Do you think Bea will ever come back to Erinsborough? Will Levi fly to WA and try and win her back? Let us know what you think in the poll below!

Bid Farewell To Bea, 6.30 Tonight on 10 Peach. Or, catch up on 10 play on demand.