Takaya Honda joins Neighbours

Takaya Honda joins the cast of Neighbours as David Tanaka

What excites you the most about joining the cast of Neighbours?

What doesn’t excite me? I think the biggest thing is learning off the legends who have existed for such a long period on the show. They have the ability to maintain not only the character in an intriguing way for the audience but maintain themselves as actors and keep themselves motivated each week, doing the best work that they can

Is there anyone in particular that has taken you under their wing that you have learnt off?

Well I’ve tried very hard to get under people’s wings but they keep saying I know what I’m doing. Getting to work with Alan Fletcher a fair bit has been great, just seeing how easily he can go from being Dr. Karl to being goofy Alan is really good.  Everyone has been really nice and helpful so I can’t put it on anyone in particular. It has been great having started together with Tim because it’s meant we can ask each other questions and lean on each other a little. We fill in each other’s gaps in a way.

Tim plays your twin brother, Leo. How similar are the two characters?

Not similar in a lot of ways but very similar in other ways. I think we feel the same about each other. We have an innate brotherly twin thing between us that’s fairly unspoken, but it’s underlying every line of dialogue and I think that Tim and I are pulling that off. I also think we share a work ethic and sense of discipline, although our methods may be slightly different. The two characters want to do things for the right reasons but their view on what the right reason is differs.

You play a medical doctor. Did you do any research to prepare for the role?

I like to research anything that comes up in the script specifically. I grew up in a family of coaches, my dad was a national gymnastics coach for Australia and I myself have coached a little as well, so in terms of human anatomy I have some knowledge anyway. On the show we have a medical advisor on set to help us ensure that what we are doing makes sense medically, whether it’s grabbing the right equipment first in an emergency or assessing a broken wrist.

Is there romance on the cards for David?

Well there’s always romance on the cards. He has struggled with it previously. It’s something he has put in his back pocket and not thought about until coming to Erinsborough where he has to deal with how to even like someone. He always concentrated on work because he didn’t understand how to have a relationship. There is definitely going to be romance however it’s a hard road to get there.

In 2011 you graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts and Communication in Media Arts and Production, is there any desire for you to get behind the camera in the future and possibly produce your own work?

Yes, absolutely. I have spent a lot more time in the last few years dedicating myself and my time to acting because the films I have in my head in the moment I know I can make twenty years from now and they can still be similar if not better than they would be now because I’ll have more knowledge. However, the roles in acting that I can do now won’t be an option in twenty years because I physically would have changed. It’s something I definitely maintain. I have three or four film ideas that I plot away in my head. For now I’d like to see where acting takes me and what fruit that bears in terms of opportunities behind the camera.