Stefan Dennis chats about the big trial

Stefan Dennis chats about his character's chances of surviving prison if found guilty of manslaughter

Paul is desperately trying to prove his innocence, who does he think is responsible for the explosion? 

Well by this stage Paul has just about exhausted everybody, he was clutching at straws there for a while. He was looking at Dimato, all sorts of people, Cecilia was hot on the list. He’s at the stage where he’s given up all hope and he’s just hoping that basically he’s going to get off the jail term. He doesn’t know who to point the finger at anymore, but he knows it’s not him.

Do you think Paul is getting the karma he deserves? 

Well that’s what he firmly believes; he’s getting the karma he deserves. He actually says at one point ‘I’ve done other terrible things which I got away with and I kind of deserve this’. In his defence, he actually tried to give himself up for those prior crimes when he found out how devastating the things he did were, e.g. the fire and murdering somebody.


Paul and Terese grew close before Paul was arrested, do you think they have any chance of a future together? 

He firmly believes so. He still is of the firm belief that he will be exonerated and Terese will wipe the slate clean. He thinks that will go away when she finds out the truth, and they will happily live ever after in a little marshmallow house.

Do you think he could get past her accusation at him?

The thing that is upsetting him and destroying his world is the fact that this woman that he’s head over heels in love with doesn’t believe his story and therefore she’s trying to wipe her hands clean of Paul and he’s like, “but I didn’t do it”

How would you react if you were in Paul’s situation? 

I would run away as well….Yeah, it’s a funny old one because nobody wants to go to jail and the weird thing is he’s been there before, so he knows how bad jail is. Nobody wants to go to jail because we’re told all the bad things that happen in jail but Paul knows the bad things that happen in jail, so he’s adamant he doesn’t want to go back. You can’t kind of blame him for skipping bail, because you’ve got to remember he’s lost everything at this stage so when he goes on the run he feels he’s lost everything not just materially but emotionally as well. He’s lost the woman he loves, he’s pushed his family away, so he doesn’t have anything to stick around for.