Snakes on a Cul-de-sac: Neighbours’ Snakiest Residents

When someone leaves a snake on the Rebecchi’s doorstep, pandemonium ensues. While Xanthe managed to escape its deadly bite, Elly was not so lucky. Why would anyone unleash a snake on the neighbourhood?

Were the Rebecchis the target? Was murder the aim? When it comes to those with the strongest havoc-wreaking motives, we have a list of suspects.

Neighbours, 2016, channel eleven

Suspect: Paul Robinson

Motive: Personal entertainment/revenge/murder everyone and become the king of Erinsborough. Look, it’s best to get this out of the way first. If the deed is nefarious, Paul’s always going to be a suspect. He probably has a Lives I’ve Ruined list stuck on his fridge. And since pretty much everyone blamed him for the Lassiter’s explosion, pretty much everyone can expect to find themselves in his sights.

Except for Steph, who lives with the Rebecchis…

Would Paul hurt Steph and claim Robinson’s Motel all for himself? Would Paul think a loose snake is a great way to psychologically torture an entire Neighbourhood? Ah, yes.

Neighbours, 2016, channel eleven

Suspect: Clive West

Motive: Taking down Mayor Rebecchi for supporting bike lanes This guy HATES bike lanes. Like, really HATES them. His family was killed in a traffic accident caused by a cyclist, so he’s really anti cyclist rights. He has a massive chip on his shoulder and a lot of aggression that he likes to get out and wave around at council meetings and any time he sees Mayor Rebecchi.

He’s the key suspect for spray-painting DIE on her car and throwing a brick through her window. Far more effective targeted attacks than letting loose an animal that’s more likely to slither under the house and hibernate, than seek out the local Mayor.

Neighbours, 2016, channel eleven

Suspect: Susan Kennedy

Motive: Saving the community from having to look at Karl in Lycra OK it’s tenuous, but not impossible. Karl’s guerrilla bike lane campaign – he actually painted his own bike lanes – not only resulted in the local doctor spending a lot more time wearing tight shiny clothing, but in the withdrawal of council funding for the school’s remedial reading programme. Because money to paint bike lanes has to come from someone’s budget, right?

“Education is not the answer to everything!” Karl declared, causing Susan to grab him by the shoulders and earnestly respond – “It is Karl. It actually is the answer to everything.”

Neighbours, 2016, channel eleven

Suspect: God

Motive: To stop Father Callahan committing sins of the flesh After an intense, one-sided debate with the Lord, Jack had pretty much chosen Paige over the priesthood. But then his priest friend died, causing Jack to take it as a sign from God, and interpret it as “Jack, my son. Stay. The church needs you.”

Jack’s commitment to the Big Guy continued to seriously waver and then all of a sudden, there’s a snake in Erinsborough! Could God be trying to distract Jack from Paige by giving him some snakes to drive out? Is that what happened to St Patrick? If Jack tries to leave the church, will God kill again?

Neighbours, 2016, channel eleven

Suspect: That creepo with the web cam at Lassiter’s

Motive: Still unsure Anyone involved in the act of luring women into hotel rooms where hidden cameras are filming them, is an actual snake themselves.

And with Alison trying to steal Ben from Xanthe, Xanthe’s dad constantly making well-meant but badly thought out decisions, Piper hating Paige for playing with Tyler’s snake, and Ned’s return from out of the blue, the possibilities are endless. Everyone’s a suspect.

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