Slaps of Erinsborough

Here at Neighbours HQ we certainly don’t condone violence as a means of resolving disputes. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the people of Erinsborough..

When Susan slapped Karl...The time Susan discovered the truth about Karl’s affair with his secretary Sarah Beaumont was undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments in Neighbours history. Susan slapped Karl so hard we wouldn’t be surprised if the sound was still ricocheting in his eardrums.


Kate left her mark...

Long before Kate and Mark’s short lived happily ever after, the two were in a fairly consistent state of angst and betrayal. Who can forget the time Brennan kissed Jade? Kate certainly wasn’t happy…


Erin showed Rhys what she thought of him... We don’t like speaking ill of the dead, but there’s no denying Rhys Lawson did his fair share of womanising, and it wasn’t long before Rhys was forced to face his actions…(We wonder if this triggered any nightmares for poor Karl!)


Harold copped a slap from Izzy...

Everybody remembers Harold Bishop for his kind heart and god-fearing ways…but there was that one time he turned into “bad Harold” and pinched Izzy’s buttocks. Now, we don’t condone violence, but we think he might have sort deserved it…just slightly.


Naomi Cunning got caught...

There’s only one thing that can send Sonya, the peace-loving do-goody hippie over the edge, and it comes in the form of Naomi Canning… Ouch!


Do you think any of these slaps were justified? Let us know below!