Sheilas recap Imogen Willis the firecracker

Sheila Canning gives her rundown on the latest happenings in Erinsborough

That little firecracker Imogen Willis has gone and put Toadie in a real spot of bother. I’m sue you’ve heard, she was doing her work experience at Toadie’s law firm. Which if you ask me,  really is a great idea. I don’t know the girl that well, but from what I do know and from what I’ve gathered, she seems like exactly the type of person who’d make a fantastic lawyer. She’s astute and argumentative and has an acidic tongue with wit that can slap even the wittiest amongst us out of the water.  Trust me.

So I’m not sure of the exact details, but from what I’ve heard, some customer from Dingoes is suing Brad Willis for negligence. I don’t even know what Brad did or if he did anything at all, but Toadie decided to take the case on. Imogen, being the little detective she is, thought it would be a good idea to do some snooping into the guy’s history by accessing his confidential file.  Now, according to what she found, it turns out he probably is lying about how he got the injury. She reckons he actually hurt himself skiing!  But this is where it gets super complicated you see, because in order to find this information she’s basically gone and broken every rule in the book, which has obviously caused a massive headache for Toadie…and Brad. I don’t know what they’re planning to do to get around it all?

Anyway, in other news, there’s a new girl in town! Now, I’m really not sure how exactly I feel about this girl because I must say, she’s coming across as mighty weird. That Georgia is stoked though. So for that reason I’m very happy Gem’s moved to the street. But I can’t help but feel as though there’s something incredibly strange about her. There’s something in her eyes, which makes me feel off. I suppose that’s a little harsh of me, isn’t it?! Oh well. As long as she doesn’t find out, I suppose all is okay?

Rhiannon is back! Of all the people who come and go from this lovely street of ours, I wouldn’t have picked her to come back. But she has. And to my surprise, I’m actually quite delighted. The girl’s been through a lot and she really is given a pretty hard time for the way she dresses. I don’t think she gets enough credit though because she isn’t as stupid as she looks. Now, I’m not saying she’s the brightest crayon in the box or anything, not at all. But she does deserve a little bit more respect than what these idiots around here give her. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if that Turner boy decided to shack up with her. Again. I know the boy’s still got eyes for Kate. But as sure as the pope’s catholic that ship has well and truly sailed. Mason would be best off going for a woman who actually likes him!