Sheila recap Creeping in Erinsborough

Sheila Canning gives her rundown on the latest happenings in Erinsborough.

This is really getting beyond a joke and to be frank, I’m embarrassed on his behalf to even have to report this. That idiot Mason turner has gone and given it another crack. Can you believe it? Then again, maybe you can…the term “idiot in love” certainly springs to mind when I think about Mason. Did you hear what he did? He decided it might be a good idea to show Kate that he still loves her by creating a huge sign with the words “I Love You Kate” for everyone in Erinsborough to see. From what I heard, he really got into it too. You know, jumping around with his huge declarations of undying devotion. I know women are supposed to love grand gestures and all I suppose you’ve gotta hand it to the boy for persistence…but really, him and Kate had a rubbish relationship at the best of times so what’s he even holding on to? To be perfectly honest I reckon he really just needs to let sleeping dogs lie. However, that being said, just because him and Kate didn’t work out doesn’t mean I think the boy’s destined to be alone. No sir! And I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Imogen Willis girl has got a keen eye for Turner boy. Which would make sense wouldn’t it?! I mean, those Willises seem to really enjoy dating Turners…it’s kind of like their “thing”. A bit creepy if you ask me.

Speaking of creeps, I suppose you’ve all heard by now about my little run in with that freak in the car?! I’ll tell you what it’s really hit me for six! I can’t stop thinking about it. What is it with me and strange old men? Am I walking around with a sign on my head that says “Hi I’m Sheila, if you’re a weird old man, please come and harass me”?! First there was that Walter lunatic…and now this!

As you would expect I’m a little bit anxious these days about strangers and this lead to me making a right fool of myself. The other day I walking along, just minding my own business, when out of nowhere a man with a camera (instant sign of a weirdo) decided to start taking sneaky snaps of me…or so I thought. Naturally, given my track record with serial pests, I decided to take a stand. And so I smashed his camera.  Well, it turns out the poor man was just a mature age photographer and I happened to get in the way. As you can imagine, I was sure left looking like a real numptie…ended up being arrested. I can assure you this was mighty embarrassing! I wanted the ground to swallow me whole.


But that hasn’t been the only embarrassing thing to have happened this week you know. That young Chris has gone on a little bit of rampage…or as I like to call it… a manpage…I sprung him and one of his “friends” in the morning. To be honest, I couldn’t give two hoots what the boy does. It’s his business, not mine. But I was shocked to see a half naked lad in the garden very early the other morning. We ended up being introduced and all was well. I dare say he’s not over Hudson though. It’s written all over the poor boy’s face. I just hope Chris doesn’t go and use this other fellow in order to mend his broken heart. We all know that never works. It’ll just cause more trouble and angst. Best off giving yourself time to genuinely grieve the relationship. But that’s just my opinion. And of course, what would I know about love and relationships? I’m just an old biddy who gets harassed by creeps in the street!

Oh! And young Georgia has been joined by her cousin, Gemma I think her name is. Seems like a nice young girl. It’s great to see Georgia hanging around with more of her family. Gosh, she’s been through enough lately it’s about time she had a little bit more support around her.