Saskia Hampele returns to Neighbours

Saskia Hampele aka Georgia Brooks makes a surprise return during the biggest week of Neighbours ever.

The biggest week of Neighbours ever sees the return of a number of the series’ most popular characters including Georgia Brooks played by Saskia Hampele.

The talented Perth born actress left Ramsay Street in May last year when her character moved to Germany leaving behind her heartbroken husband Kyle played by longtime fan favourite Chris Milligan.

“It was a bit surreal to be back but so awesome to see all of the cast and crew again and catch up with everybody, “ said Saskia who spent time in the US after leaving Neigbours.

The on-screen couple have endured their share of highs and lows including a wedding, a miscarriage, kidnapping, tornado, infidelity and Kyle’s temporary blindness.  With Georgia’s surprise return to Erinsborough, Kyle must choose between his wife and new love Amy Williams, played by Zoe Cramond.


And who does Saskia feel Kyle should be with -

 “They are so compatible and even after all of the struggles they have been through they always seemed to make sense together. It’s been an amazing journey seeing them grow and mature as a couple, and it feels like the right outcome to have them live happily ever after…but who knows?”  added Saskia.

Hotel Death Trap Week unfolds from this Monday, April 4.