Sam Humphrey Follows His Dreams

Sam Humphrey joins Neighbours as the patriarchal mogul James Udagawa

At 130 cm tall, twenty-two year-old Sam Humphrey is shorter than most young men his age, however this hasn’t deterred him from aiming high when it comes to achieving his dream to be an actor.   Next month he commences on Neighbours in a semi-regular guest role.

 Sam has been cast as James Udagawa, a corporate whizz kid given the task of saving Lassiter's from financial ruin and reigning in Terese Willis played by acclaimed actress Rebekah Elmaloglou.

Originally from New Zealand and now living in Melbourne, Sam was born with acrodysostosis, a generic disorder which effects growth development.

Sam was brought to the attention of the drama series’ casting director by documentary makers in New Zealand, producing a series on young people with physical disabilities and the challenges they face to achieve their goals. Sam was one of the subjects.



The request was originally to cast the acting newcomer as an extra, however after viewing some of his own self-produced videos on-line, it was clear the out-going young performer had a natural talent for acting and a more substantial role was written for him.

Sam became interested in acting when he was in primary school and is the first to admit, he loves being the center of attention.

“I love the whole process and I’ve learnt so much on Neighbours.  I want to keep improving my skills and hopefully inspire other people to chase their dreams,” said Sam who received personal coaching from Neighbours veteran Colette Mann.

Sam’s first scenes screen from August 3.