Ryan Moloney's a Proud Dad

Ryan Moloney's daughter shaves her hair for The Kids' Cancer Project

Ryan Moloney is urging Neighbours fans to support his daughter Erin’s drive to help the Kids’ Cancer Project.

The youngster is set to shave her head on her 11th birthday on the 30th of October, in the hope of raising $5000 for the charity. ‘When Erin first came to us and said she wanted to shave all her hair off we urged her to think about it, she’s going into high school soon so it’s a very impressionable time.’ Moloney said, ‘It’s a pretty big choice to make but she was adamant.’

‘I felt so incredibly proud that at 10 years old she is thinking about other kids and wanting to help, you wouldn’t get a lot of adults willing to do the same.’

The Kids’ Cancer is an independent national charity dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research. In Australia, more kids die from cancer than any other disease with more than 950 children under the age of 18 being diagnosed each year.


Moloney is no stranger to a haircut. One of Neighbours’ most memorable scenes of all time is Jarrod “Toadie” Rebecchi getting his mullet chopped off in 1999.

Erin’s donation page is