Ryan Moloney discusses Madeleine West's Return

Ryan Moloney discusses the return of Madeleine West as Dee Bliss

What has it been like having Madeleine West back on set?

It’s been grand. I’ve really enjoyed having her back, seeing her crazy antics on set again has been really good.

Have you guys kept in touch since?

No, I actually haven’t seen Madeleine for the last 13 years! So in a way she really was dead to me… just kidding.

Do you think the return of Dee will cause drama between Sonya and Toadie?

No I think it will go really smoothly having two wives… with one coming back from the dead… it will go swimmingly.

If you could pick another character to come back to the show who would it be and what would that storyline be?

I would pick Stingray. He was just playing a big game of hide and seek and hid in the fridge and froze himself. One day the power goes out and his body defrosts, he comes back alive and his body hasn’t aged a day.

What storylines do we have to look forward too?

Dee reveals a shocking secret that will change Toadie’s life forever…