Russell Brennan arrives in Erinsborough

Will Mark, Tyler and Aaron be happy to see their dad?

One of Australia’s most accomplished theatre, television and film actors Russell Kiefel joins Neighbours in a guest role as the matriarch of the Brennan family and is the center of one of the show’s most controversial story lines – domestic violence.

Playing Russell Brennan, the estranged father of Mark (Scott McGregor), Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Tyler (Travis Burns), Kiefel isn’t actually welcomed with open arms on-screen later this month (starts July 29).

“He has a lot of ground to make up with his boys and the challenge is to convince them that he is a changed man…but is he?” said Kiefel who was a scriptwriter on Neighbours in the late nineties.

Travis Burns’ character Tyler has the most volatile relationship with his father resulting in some intensely heavy scenes with the seasoned performer.

“Such a great actor to work with, every scene you would learn something new from Russell. I've done some of the toughest emotionally driven scenes with Russell, and he has just been a great support," said Burns who joined Neighbours late last year and is now a fan favourite.