Rob Mills Joins The Cast Of Neighbours

Rob Mills joins the cast of Neighbours in the role of Finn Kelly; an aspiring school teacher at Erinsborough High

1.   What’s it been like joining the cast of Neighbours?

To join the longest running Soap in Australia is pretty darn cool. The cast are great, the crew are great. You realize just how hard everybody works both behind and in front of the camera. It’s a machine and I am just a tiny cog in that machine. It’s been an absolute joy coming in to work every day. Plus free food at the café! Love it!

2.   Was there anyone in particular that you were excited to work with?

Susan Kennedy of course. My first day was actually in the School Principal’s office with Jackie Woodburne. Jackie has had so much to offer both on and off set.

3.   You play Finn Kelly, Erinsborough High’s newest teacher. What’s he like?

He’s charming and highly motivated for reasons that will soon play out. Finn loves inspiring the students which wasn’t so hard for me since I have worked with kids before in workshops and it’s something I really enjoy doing. There is also another side to Finn that can be quite manipulative…

Rob sign

4.   Finn has a history with Elly Conway. Can you explain his relationship with her?

They had worked together at Elly’s last school in Sydney, which she conveniently left off her resume. She quit her position at that school because of a scandal when she was gunning for the Vice President role that Finn was also after. We also had a romantic relationship. I was married at the time when I fell in love with Elly and I chose my wife over her which ended badly…

5.   Why has Finn suddenly shown up in Erinsborough?

Finn has now broken up with his wife and is in Erinsborough to win Elly back. He also wants to progress his career and if that means becoming School Principal he will do what it takes to get there.