Remembering the Kennedy pets

When Karl sets his mind on an idea, you better believe he’ll follow through.

 Yep, Karl’s ready for a new pet, but this time it’s little bit different then your average household variety. Following in the farm animal tradition the Kennedy's present Elvis to the stage. But before this pig, there was another, and plenty more…


Everyone should remember loveable pooch Audrey, originally owned by Libby and husband Drew. Audrey was hidden in a flat for a while, number 22, and then escaped a brief residence in Adelaide with Libby. You might also remember the period of time in which Audrey become Scruffy, after she was picked up and claimed by Jamie Clarke. However in the end Audrey was re-claimed by the Kennedy family, but this time under Susan’s care. Little Audrey remained at the house until the heartbreaking decision to put her down was made by both Karl and Susan, due to an unfixable liver condition.



Although not a planned addition to the Kennedy family, Dahl the galah certainly livened up the household. As a giveaway pet from Brett Stark to Libby, Dahl became a permanent resident, much to the annoyance of Karl. Like many of the Kennedy pets, Dahl sometimes misbehaved, and often decided to hide from the family.


Casserole (aka Cassie):

Oh Cassie, the long-term Kennedy lamb that struck the heart of a young Billy Kennedy. Yep, Cassie settled in with the Kennedy clan back in 1994, after Billy decided this roaming lost lamb could help out with the mowing. If you ever thought keeping a pet lamb was impossible, just look at the Kennedys, who held on to Cassie until 2006, upon her natural death. You could even thank Cassie for reuniting divorcees Karl and Susan, thanks Cass!



Lennie the pig was supposed to end up on a platter served at Libby’s wedding, but who could do that to such a cute creature? Not Karl, at least after some convincing from Libby’s son Ben. Lennie was a little bit mischievous, along with his fellow friend and Kennedy pet, Chop the lamb.


Yep, Karl loves his farm animals, and so not long after the death of original family lamb Cassie, the Kennedy family adopted Chop. It was pure fate when Karl and Susan happened across Chop after visiting Karl’s father; they both saved poor Chop from a stand-off with a nasty looking snake. Unfortunately suburban life wasn’t for Chop, and his antics landed him on a hobby farm, much to the disappointment of Karl.