Piper Willis vs the formal

Mavournee Hazel blames Piper's parents for everything.

Whose fault was the formal disaster? 

My parents, not mine! Piper isn’t responsible for her actions. It was such an unreasonable reaction by Terese. Maybe she’s jealous of our relationship? I could totally see it happening: Terese falling off the wagon, coming home one night and finding Tyler waiting for Piper and something happening.

Has Piper found an arch nemesis in Elly? 

Yes, one hundred percent. She was asking for a jug of sangria to be thrown over her. Elly is the epitome of what Piper would dislike in a person. Her attitude, the way she flirts and the uses her physical appearance to get what she wants. Also she was touching my man.


Will #Typer have any chance in the future? 

Piper hopes so, but she takes full responsibility. After the formal she realises that she completely lost herself to a guy. She has always been so strong in her identity, she isn’t the kind of girl that would fall head over heels for a guy, but she did with Tyler. The writers have given the characters space now, which is really good. So maybe we’ll see in the future?

Did you go to your formal? What was it like? 

I did go to my year twelve formal. I actually planned it, and the after party. I was filming a TV series at the time, so I asked one of the guys I was working with to come with me. Then on the Tuesday he said that filming stuff had come up and he couldn’t come, so on Wednesday I had to ask a guy at another school to come with me. My best friend had to buy my corsage. It was not romantic at all.