Mavournee Hazel on playing the rebellious Piper Willis

Will #Typer make it? Where will Piper be in 12 months? And what's it like playing a rebellious teenager?

Why are Tyler and Piper a good match? 

Their relationship is based on a really solid friendship. It’s an unspoken chemistry, they just click. So all of those elements are a great foundation for a good relationship. Tyler thinks that Piper makes him a better person. And he in turn grounds her. They teach each other things.

Do you enjoy playing a rebel? 

Absolutely. The formal is a great example. For someone that is mature and intelligent, she doesn’t have a filter when it comes to her actions. She understands actions and consequences, but love makes us do crazy things.

Mav and Trav

What was the most rebellious thing you did growing up? 

I was a prefect at school. I never snuck out or got up to mischief. When I was five, and I had a fight with my mum, I would run to my room and slam the door and scream ‘I wish someone would kidnap me’ (laughs). I remember playing Dragonvale in year 12 a lot. Playing on my phone when I should have been working. My brother stole my phone and hatched my rainbow dragon. I was pretty mad about that. Understandably.

If Xanthe and Ben broke up, could Piper end up with her BFF’s ex? 

No. Even when Xanthe wasn’t in the picture Ben and Piper were just mates. When I started I always assumed the floppy haired muso would have been her type, and I wouldn’t have thought aesthetically Tyler would have been.

What would be Piper’s dream job? 

Probably working at Buzz Feed or something. Some kind of journalist that works in social media I think. Being able to get her opinion out there in a very 21st century environment.

If Neighbours was to skip ahead 12 months, where would Piper be? And what would she be doing? 

I don’t see Piper as the kind of girl that would finish school. Her parents are very concerned with her getting good grades so she has more opportunities. But I can’t see Piper getting swept up in all of that. She wouldn’t be the type to make society happy, she would probably just try and get internships and get straight into her industry.