Olympia Valance on the wedding fallout

What's it like being arrested on your wedding day? We asked Olympia to find out!

What were your thoughts when you found out Mark would arrest Paige on her wedding day?

I thought it was ridiculous, I was like nooooo :( It’s just really sad because I love working with Scott McGregor and we’re just so close. It was sad to think that Paige and Mark wouldn’t live happily ever after, it was really hard to handle. But we’ve moved on now and we really hope that Mark and Paige find each other again one day!

How would you react if you were arrested on your wedding day?

It just wouldn’t happen because I wouldn’t do something as dumb as Paige has. I would never get arrested on my wedding day - actually I wouldn’t get arrested full stop!


What were the episodes like to film?

They were incredibly sad, some scenes were so emotional that when they called cut I started uncontrollably crying.  They were some of the saddest scenes I’ve ever done in my life, they felt so real, traumatic and sad! At the end of the day she really didn’t do anything wrong and that was very frustrating. But prior to those sad scenes, getting ready for the wedding with the hair and makeup was all really fun. It was a really big storyline for Scott and I and we worked  really hard. As an actress it’s really good to be given such great scenes like that are written so beautifully. Scott and I both feel really lucky that we were given the opportunity to do bring each scene to life.

Was it hard having to rip up the wedding dress?

It was a really great scene to do, super emotional but also fun! it felt like one of the first scenes I did, the one where Paige destroyed Harold’s store. It’s always nice to do something that you wouldn’t usually do, in this case ripping a beautiful dress up.


Did Paige make the right decision going to Singapore with Mary?

Absolutely, she needed to get away from the carnage that was left behind. It’s good for her to get away from her family and friends so she doesn’t have to deal with the situation until she’s ready to, at least until her initial pain has gone away. She’ll be able to come back and deal with the situation properly and maturely.

Do you think Mark and Paige have any chance of a happy future?

I think they do, I think they have a chance. It was a really strong relationship on the show and on Ramsay St. They just love each other and it would be really nice if they found each other again.