Olympia Valance on the Balloon Crash and Jack

Olympia Valance discusses Paige's relationship with Jack and filming the hot air balloon crash.

It’s been a long road for Paige and Jack. How have they finally hooked up?

Well Paige falls out of the hot air balloon, we think she might be dead, but Jack saves her. The pair are lost in the wilderness but find shelter in a cave and that’s were they finally… get intimate.

Who do you think Paige should choose? Tyler or Jack?

I think Paige and Tyler were always a great match for each other and there has always been that strong chemistry and love there, so hopefully they end up together. What happens with Jack in the cave is just a moment of passion for Paige. I think the experience helped her to realise that what she has with Tyler is special and should be cherished.  I hope Tyler will be able to forgive her!

Shoot, Marry or Date: Mark, Tyler, Jack.

Shoot Jack – because he is so stubborn and kept rejecting Paige, he didn’t give her the love she wanted. Date Tyler – because he is fun and they would have so much fun together. Marry Mark – he has a stable job, he has a house and he just ‘is’ marriage material – apart from when he arrested Paige on their wedding day.

How did you feel when you learned Paige would be jumping out of a hot air balloon?

I was really excited to do it. I had never been in a hot air balloon before. There were some fun stunts as well.

Do you do all your own stunts?

Of course. I love the action stuff.