Olympia Valance on Paige and Mark's wedding

We sat down with OIympia Valance to find out what it was like filming Mark and Paige's wedding.

So Paige is about to get married, how does she feel?

In the beginning she was unsure if she wanted to get married but then as time went on, and she was planning the day, she really decided that she wanted this. She feels that she’s marrying the love of her life and is excited about the whole thing!


Paige has had a big year, how do you think she’s evolved as a character?

That’s a tough question as Paige has made some seriously bad decisions over the past year. I actually think she’s become very gullible, she’s had so many ups and downs. You’re watching her at the moment and going “stop being such an idiot!”. So at this stage I feel she has a lot more growing to do and I’m excited to see how her character develops throughout 2016.

Even though Paige accidentally proposed, is she glad she did?

It was all a bit of an accident and it all came about really quickly. She definitely wasn’t sure if that’s what she wanted, she honestly just wanted to be with Mark. But when she started planning the whole wedding and everything that’s involved she really felt like she’d made the right decision in marrying him.

What was it like getting ready for the wedding scenes - the dress, makeup, hair?

It was actually really fun, we got to go off set looking and choosing a beautiful wedding dress. In terms of hair and makeup it’s always nice getting it done differently. It was special to have such glamorous makeup and fun hair for the day!


Where’s Paige’s brother Ethan on her big day?

I have a feeling he might be Sydney, Summer Bay area! :P

What’s your dream wedding?

My dream wedding would probably be on a little island somewhere. It would be great to have it on a beach, barefoot and accompanied by a beautiful dress. But it depends, sometimes I want a really want a big wedding with a big wedding dress and lots of delicious food so I don’t know, guess it depends on the guy! Let’s wait a few years before anything like that happens!

What designer would you choose to create your wedding dress?

I would always go with J’Aton Couture. J’Aton did my sister’s wedding dress and have done my dress for the Logies. I don’t think they ever get it wrong! I would love for them to do my wedding dress one day :)


What’s your ideal honeymoon destination?

The Gili Islands is where I spend most of my time, it’s always where I’ve thought I’d like to get married. But I’d probably go to Mexico for my honeymoon, to Talum, it’s an area in Mexico that is just so beautiful!