Olympia Valance chats about Paige's new love interest

Paige has had a tumultuous year on the street, but what's coming up?

What is it about John that has made Paige fall in love with him? 

When Paige first started speaking with John it was just after her brother had died and he sort of filled the void. As time went on, it was his kind and sweet nature that attracted her to him and she grew to love him. Jack needed her, and Paige likes to be needed.

Just as the pair is about to hook up, John’s identity is revealed. Can Paige compete with God for John’s heart? 

No. I don’t think so. I think Paige fears that John’s love for God is much stronger than anything she can give him. That’s very upsetting for Paige, who by now has fallen in love with him.Paige and Mark had a steamy relationship in the past - is that all over now? 

At this stage, absolutely. Paige has her heart set on Jack, and is completely head over heels for him. I think that ship has sailed, they’re just friends now.


How has losing a brother changed Paige? 

I feel like she has matured a lot. She just takes every day as if it could be her last. She appreciates and cherishes her family and friends that she has around her.

Is there another wedding or kids on the horizon for Paige? 

I think the failed wedding with Mark was enough to frighten her off for some time. But possibly in the future we could see Paige dressed in white again…