Roxy and Harlow’s Friendship On Neighbours Has Blossomed And We Love To See It

Did you know that Zima Anderson and Jemma Donovan, who play Roxy and Harlow on Neighbours respectively, are actual besties IRL?

Their characters, who once couldn’t stand breathing the same air as each other, have come a long way since THAT infamous food-throwing incident, and we love their new-found friendship.

Life on Ramsey St was tough enough for Roxy when Harlow arrived. She was dealing with her boyfriend Vance suddenly leaving her, and then found out that Terese, aka ‘Aunty T’, had a burning secret- that she and Vance were former lovers. Scandalous!

While Harlow was welcomed with open arms by everyone, Roxy was less than impressed by her arrival. It was evident from the get-go that the two were polar opposites.  You see, Roxy’s a rebellious wild child who loves to break the rules; Harlow is polite, perceptive yet not afraid to call a spade a spade. When Harlow rocked up, Roxy felt that Terese and Paul didn’t want her around and told everyone who’d listen that she’d been feeling so hard done by. It only took Harlow a day to see right through her bratty behaviour, and wasn’t buying into any of Roxy’s sob stories.

They CONSTANTLY bickered like cats and dogs. Roxy called Harlow “jealous” and “so uptight” and Harlow retaliated, labelling Roxy “disrespectful” and “far from anything” she’d want to be. Things really came to a head after Roxy accidentally ripped Terese’s wedding dress and Harlow ratted her out. Feeling betrayed, Roxy taunted Harlow and told her that the only reason she was around was because everyone felt sorry for her, and that she was a “psycho” like her dad. Cue THIS epic moment:

Roxy and Harlow on Neighbours 10 Peach and 10 play 2020

When we asked the girls what it was like playing out that scene, Zima (Roxy) laughed, saying “I think Jem enjoyed it a little too much! Jem having to get the perfect pasta sauce shot was so amazing, experience-wise. I remember while shooting, we had one take - and Jemma got it perfectly. For a second, I swear we both almost stopped acting because we got so excited because she did it!”

Jemma (Harlow) echoed her statements and said: “We had so much fun filming it, who wouldn't love to have a food fight with their best friend without a consequence?!”

Despite the not-so-warm welcome Harlow received from Roxy in the beginning, the two soon formed an unlikely bond over time – and we’ve loved watching it all unfold.

Roxy and Harlow on Neighbours 10 Peach and 10 play 2020

When Mark Brennan tried to win Roxy back after totally humiliating her, Harlow made her see that she deserved SO much better. She told her that she was “funny, smart and attractive” and it worked! Roxy finally realised her worth and gave Mark flick. Women uplifting women - we love to see it!

Roxy and Harlow on Neighbours 10 Peach and 10 play 2020

When Harlow’s father Robert betrayed her trust, it was Roxy who drove her all the way to the prison so she could make amends. After Harlow was rushed to hospital in an induced coma, Roxy showed up with a bright bouquet of flowers and her fave choccies and was by her side throughout the entire ordeal. And while Harlow was grieving the death of her mother Prue, Roxy helped organise a memorial ‘party’ in Prue’s honour, inviting the neighbours around to celebrate her life. How beautiful!

While they certainly haven’t lost their quirky banter, the girls are far more respectful of each other and have come to accept their differences. When we asked whether it was easier to play enemies or friends, Jemma said “I do love the banter between the characters and playing on the 'sister' relationship that they have! But then again, the arguments are always quite fun too!” while Zima told us that “as long as we are working together, enemies or friends, it's always a rewarding time!"

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