Neighbours' Pretty Little Liars Are Deffo Hiding Something About Finn Kelly

Like which one of them pushed him off a cliff…

We didn’t see how Evil Finn seemed to go from menacing four women on top of a cliff, to lying unconscious in a gully at the bottom of it.

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Did he slip? Did he jump? Was he pushed? Let’s break it down.

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and rule out jump. We’ve all watched enough crime procedurals to assume the police would have found his injuries were consistent with jumping, had he jumped. Trajectory and all that. Or something. Also, he screamed as he fell. If he jumped, he’d be more likely to go quietly. (Wow. That was dark. Anyway, moving on).

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If this was just an accident, if he was all like – ‘I’m gonna kill you all! Oh no! Damn you flakey bush-rock rubble. Aaaaaaaah!’ Then you’d think the four terrorised women would have fronted up to the police displaying a righteousness only an innocent victim could feel, rather than devising a conspiracy to keep quiet – badly executed, we might add. First rule to any conspiracy is to get your stories straight – and pretending they were never there.

Also, again, trajectory and all that.

So, someone pushed him. Who? Hard to say. As the women themselves have pointed out – they all have motive.

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You’d think Bea would have done it but she’s the most vulnerable, sheepish former-street kid anyone’s ever seen. Also, she wanted to help him. You know who wanted to leave him there to rot? Xanthe.

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Xanthe seems to have morphed into something resembling a lizard. Or a snake. Shrugging off the cries of her prey, devouring their young before getting right back to studying for her HSC. No sweat broken on this brow.

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Elly’s carrying on like she’s protecting someone. She’s much more clear-headed about things, telling the others what they need to do and how they should behave. Also, Elly seems more likely to own up to pushing Finn if she’d done it. Which would probably make Susan claim she’d done it, in order to protect Elly.

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And Susan would protect Elly. And Bea. And Xanthe. Because Susan is a protector of children, and when backed into a corner, that lioness roars. She’s not roaring now though. In fact, she seems pretty rattled by the whole thing.

Oh Susie Q! Did you do a bad bad thing?

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