Neighbours' Most Iconic Weddings

Ahead of the first Aussie televised legal same-sex marriage between Aaron and David, we bring you six quintessential Neighbours weddings from the past 33 years!

Neighbours, Wedding edition, image, 2018

Des and Daphne

If you’re a Neighbours OG, then you’d be familiar with Des Clarke and Daphne Lawrence. The two met at Des’ bucks party, where Daphne performed as a stripper. Groovy!

After Des’ original wedding was called off, Daphne moved in to help him out financially, because who better than a young stripper raking in the money to help you pay off your mortgage?

After a whirlwind relationship the two decided to tie the knot, except Daphne’s wedding car got hijacked by a robber in a gorilla suit (we checked, it wasn’t Sheila) and poor Des was left waiting at the alter. The relationship turned sour, but fast-forward a few months and they finally made it down the aisle for the second time, sans gorillas!

Scott and Charlene

Almost three decades on, we just can’t get this couple out of our heads. It may not have been love at first sight, yet Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell’s romance was the envy of every ‘80s teenager, and their wedding amassed over 20 million viewers.

The morning of the nuptials was a little stressful when Charlene found a ladder in her pantyhose, but thankfully the issue was quickly rectified and she arrived at the ceremony in a new “romantic-style” gown made from ivory silk, organza and chantilly lace.

Scott and his groomsmen sported some filthy mullets, and the two proved that young love can be everlasting after recently celebrating 30 years of marriage together. (We hear). Cuuute!

Harold and Madge

High school sweethearts Harold and Madge married in a beautiful, intimate setting, a few years after reconnecting in Erinsborough, but not before that pesky Lou Carpenter tried to break them apart and win Madge for himself.

Their marriage survived Harold’s amnesia and Madge’s cerebral aneurysm, however it was pancreatic cancer that saw Madge die in her husbands arms. We’re not crying, you are!

Neighbours, Wedding edition, image, 2018

Toadie and Dee

Toadie watched his future bride date a string of men before the two officially became an item. He sweetly proposed to Dee off-the-cuff in their kitchen, but alas, their love was not meant to be as we saw him lose his dear wife of only a few hours in one of Australian televisions most shocking cliff-hangers. (Get it?)

Drew and Libby

Karl and Susan’s only daughter Libby almost didn’t make it down the aisle after she originally called off her wedding, claiming she had lost all the feels for her long-term partner Drew.

The wedding was eventually called back on when Libby’s feels returned, and they celebrated their union with a traditional Scottish theme, paying homage to Drew’s ancestral roots. There was an abundance of bagpipes, delicious haggis and strapping lads in kilts. Meal do naidheachd! (it means ‘Congratulations’ in Scottish!)

Ringo and Donna

Before Margot Robbie became THE Margot Robbie, she played Donna Freedman, the kooky teen who fell for Ringo Brown after sharing a cheeky pash at a kissing booth. The two quickly became the modern-day Scott and Charlene.

Donna rocked up to her ceremony in a police car, and donned a soft pink ball gown with her luscious blonde locks clipped back. Mr Ringo Brown had been waiting his whole damn life to tell his new bride that he wanted to “grow old and wrinkly” with her, and as the motorbike crashed into him he thought “well, isn’t this nice”. And wasn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

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