Neighbours July Recap: We Finally Learn The Truth About Dee

A 16-year-old case surrounding the 'death' of Dee Bliss was finally solved and some pretty questionable relationships formed in what was a crazy month on Neighbours in July

Watch out Ramsay Street, there’s a new Robinson in town. Hellooooo Harlow! (Yep, they just keep on comin’). Despite being the child of Paul’s estranged criminal son Robert, Harlow bonded with her grandpa over chess and he decided to let her move in, figuring the apple couldn’t have fallen any further from THAT tree.

If you’re new to the game, Robert once tried to POISON and KILL his dad for abandoning their family when he was younger. Wonder how he’d feel knowing that Paul’s now onto wife number 6?

Yeap, that’s right. Paul and Terese are getting hitched! Everyone’s thrilled – well, everyone except Roxy. She’s STILL sulking over that Vance bloke, and tryna deal with the heartbreak the best way she knows how – by drinking the bar dry and taking an exorbitant number of bikini-selfies, giving even the Kardashians a run for their money.

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And in one of the most cringe-worthy scenes of the year, she tried to mack on with Paul to get back at her Aunty T.

Neighbours on 10 Peach on 10 play 2019

When that backfired, she was about to leave town when she spotted Paul lying face down in the middle of a park. Allegedly – Gary whacked him one.

You see, Gazza was FURIOUS when he learnt his future father-in-law and Sheila were in cahoots, trying to break him and Amy up. And their plan almost worked, ‘cause now Amy’s contemplating dumping his ass and getting back with her ex, Kyle!

And theirs isn’t the only strained love triangle getting around. On the other side of town, Pierce’s fiance Ebony finally got busted offloading his hard-earned cash to her sister, so he gave her an ultimatum: sign a prenup or take $250k and leave.

She took the money and ran.

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Now, we ain't saying she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messing with no broke man. I mean, do you blame her? It’s $250k! That’s a lot of chicken nuggets.

Neighbours on 10 Peach on 10 play 2019

In other relationship news, Ned and Yashvi finally got together after weeks of flirting over footy and coffee at Harold’s. They officially sealed the deal on a bed of rose petals, much to Shane’s delight.

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And in what was possibly the most confronting coupling of all, Finn and Bea rekindled their love, despite all the crazy shit that’s gone down between them in the past. Finn once locked Bea in a shipping container in the middle of nowhere and left her to rot, but I guess saving her from a house intruder was enough to make her look past all that. Needless to say, we were shocked. But NO ONE was as shocked as Ned.

So, the whole Dee/Andrea saga. What a whirlwind that was! Basically, Andrea once dated a gangster from the Zantuck family and was put on their hit list. Unfortunately, the hitmen mistook Dee for Andrea. On the day of Dee and Toadie’s wedding, gangsters sabotaged their car, sending the newlyweds over a cliff and killing Dee – or so everyone thought.

Turns out some dude found Dee and took her away to Byron Bay, where she changed her name to Karen and commenced living a new life as a bohemian babe.

But how could Andrea and Dee look so alike? Well, a DNA test proved that they were in fact twins, and crazy Heather was their mother.

We know what you’re thinking – it doesn’t make sense! But stay with us…

In another really twisted story, Heather didn’t even realise she was preggers with one child, let alone two, and gave birth in a women’s shelter. A nun took Dee away while Heather was loaded up on painkillers, and she was adopted by the Bliss family.

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Now Heather and Andrea are rotting in jail and Dee and Toadie are reminiscing on past lives. Will we eventually see Wedding 2.0? You’ll have to tune in this August to find out!

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