Neighbours Cliffhanger Week: The Burning Questions

Neighbours is about to sign off for the year, but not before a week of life-changing revelations that will rock Ramsay Street to the core. Let’s round up the questions burning every viewer’s lips…

Who’s pregnant?

Will Sonia’s stance on the morning-after pill come to plague Steph? Have there been consequences to Paige and Jack’s post traumatic dalliance? Perhaps Elly or Piper will be the ones to find their lives changed forever.

Who’s getting married?

Brad and Lauren will be dancing down the aisle, but who else will find themselves making a big commitment and tying the knot?

Are Piper and Tyler meant to be?

They’ve faced disapproval from all sides, but should they stand up to their critics and defend their love?

Is Toadie’s life about to get a whole lot more complicated?

He’s supported his wife’s decision to be a surrogate for Mark and Steph, but could Toadie be about to face an even bigger challenge? Someone from his past has resurfaced, someone he may have thought was dead.

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