Neighbours' Big Dee Day

For 13 years she’s been presumed dead, but Dee is back and while her return is undoubtedly going to rock the neighbourhood, we suspect it’s going to have the biggest repercussions on a particular quartet. Let’s see how.

Neighbours, 2016, channel eleven


First loves can be hard to shake. Even after two people have split up and moved on, every time they see each other in the supermarket, they’ll still feel a small spark of electricity when they lock eyes.

But Toadie and Dee didn’t split up, they were torn apart by forces outside of their control. If Toadie hadn’t driven their car off a cliff, they might still be together today.

That thought is undoubtedly going to be lingering in the air as they get to know each other again, recalling all the things they once loved about each other, discovering how much between them has changed and how much has stayed the same.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


Most people can live with the fact that their husband loves another woman, if that woman is dead. But alive? No, alive a woman like that poses a real threat.

Now that Dee has a-risen, Sonya is going to flip. We wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to drive Dee off another cliff.

Someone is going to have to comfort Sonya, and we’ve got a feeling her husband is going to have his hands full.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


Steph and Dee were good friends – who wouldn’t be pleased to have their friend come back from the dead?

She might even like the idea of Dee and Toadie getting back together.

She might even like the idea of getting free of Mark and Sonya and the baby she never wanted Sonya to surrogate for them.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


All Mark cares about is Sonya, and the baby Sonya convinced him and Steph to have and grow in her fertile, untouched by post-natal depression body.

Is Sonya stressed? Is Sonya nauseous? Does Sonya need to lie in a park and tell Mark all her problems?

Does Sonya want the bad Dee to go away?

Mark will do anything for the biological mother of his child. Even if it means driving Steph away.

Neighbours, 2016, channel eleven


Well, is it even really Dee?

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