Congratulations to Neighbours’ Story Producer Stephen Vagg who picked up an AWGIE Awards last Friday for Best script for a serial drama – the first in 10 years.

Stephen penned the explosive episode for the untimely death of one of the show’s favourite daughters, Kate Ramsay who met her fate by a revenge bullet.

One this year’s most anticipated story lines, the episode featured a large number of the regular characters as well as some returning guests, Matt Werkmeister (Zeke Kinski) and Kaiya Jones (Sophie Ramsay).

Neighbours dominated in the Best Serial Script category claiming four of the five nominations. Stephen received two of these, along with Margaret Wilson and Alexa Wyatt also acknowledged for their outstanding contribution this year.

“It is great tribute to show and demonstrates how broad Neighbours story lines are with the scripts nominated featuring high drama, romance, comedy and action,” said Stephen.