Morgana O'Reilly on Naomi's love life

We caught up with Morgana to find out all the Naomi goss!

Describe Naomi in three words.

Sassy, weird and driven.

Are you like Naomi in any way?

Not particularly but I think that she does have my sense of play, fun and spontaneity.

Naomi’s had a turbulent love life, would you attribute this all to Charles?

There’s something in her past that makes her think that she’s not deserving of true love which Charles was a part of. It may also have to do with some residual guilt she has from leaving before her father passed away. Maybe that’s why she’s been jumping from guy to guy – For example from Josh to Mark to Paul.

Out of Mark and Josh who do you think Naomi was more suited to?

That’s so hard! Maybe Josh, I mean Brennan is gorgeous but they didn’t actually have a lot in common. I think her and Josh had similar energies, definitely more similar than her and Mark. But Josh was a bit too young in the end so it was a bit naughty going out with him!

What do you think Naomi’s perfect date would be?

I think she would like to go for a really expensive degustation at somewhere like The Fat Duck, then some beers which would be good, followed by being swept off her feet in a pent house or pent house pool.

What’s it like having an on screen Mum and nephew in Colette Mann and Chris Milligan?

Its amazing how having an on screen family straight away creates a sense of real family. There’s something about the idea of family in general obviously that means “well we’re family so we have to love each other” which is not difficult with those two because they’re both fantastic. Straight away Colette and I became really close off screen, she is just so fiercely loyal, protective and amazing like that. Chris and I took a little longer to get to know each other as we didn’t have many scenes together but once we did it was great. I think of him in my personal life as a brother.

Morgana IV

Do you think Naomi’s relationship with Paul will stand the test of time?

I think no matter what happens their relationship will stand the test of time and go down in Neighbours history!

Morgana IV

If Naomi was stuck on a dessert island and could only take one person with her, who do you think she would take and why?

I think she would take Hulk Hogan from 1987 the reasons are obvious... he’d be able to forage really effectively, he’d be able to ward off dangerous animals and he’d keep her warm at night!